This page contains an overview of all boxes and challenges I have completed so-far, their category, a link to the write-up (if I made one) and their status (retired or not). Note that, if a challenge has been retired but I have never attempted to complete it, it will not be included in this list. Also note that, for any write-up of the Active challenges, you need the HTB{} enclosed flag to read the write-up. For any of the active boxes, you need the root flag without HTB{} enclosed.


Name Completed Write-up Status
Sniper 11-10-2019 Here Active
JSON 05-10-2019 Here Active
Ellingson 28-09-2019 Here Retired
Scavenger 27-09-2019 Here Active
Haystack 25-09-2019 Here Active
Networked 20-09-2019 Here Active
Wall 18-09-2019 Active
Ghoul 15-09-2019 Here Retired
Heist 13-09-2019 Here Active
Bitlab 12-09-2019 Here Active
Jarvis 08-09-2019 Here Active
Safe 05-09-2019 Here Active
Chainsaw 03-09-2019 Here Active
Swagshop 18-08-2019 Here Retired
Write-up 26-07-2019 Here Retired
Craft 21-07-2019 Here Active
Luke 13-07-2019 Here Retired
Bastion 13-07-2019 Here Retired
Friendzone 13-07-2019 Retired
Help 30-01-2019 Retired
Vault 27-01-2019 Retired
Teacher 03-01-2019 Retired
Zipper 01-01-2019 Retired
Lightweight 31-12-2018 Retired
Ypuffy 30-12-2018 Retired
Carrier 29-12-2018 Retired
Giddy 24-12-2018 Retired
Curling 21-12-2018 Retired
Irked 12-12-2018 Retired
Waldo 09-12-2018 Retired
Access 22-10-2018 Retired
Jerry 20-08-2018 Retired
Active 20-08-2018 Retired
Nibbles 15-05-2018 Retired
Frolic User only Retired
Bashed User only Retired
Poison User only Retired



Name Completed Write-up Status
Headache No Active
Bombs Landed No Active
Find The Easy Pass Yes Active
Eat the Cake Yes Here Active
Pseudo No Active
Impossible Password Yes Active
Find The Secret Flag No Active
Snake Yes Active
Debugme No Active
DSYM No Active
Tear or Dear Yes Retired


Name Completed Write-up Status
Infinite descent Yes Retired
Ebola Virus Yes Active
You Can Do It Yes Active
Keys Yes Here Active
Mission Impossible No Active
Please, don’t share Yes Here Active
Bank Heist Yes Active
Call Yes Here Active
Decode Me!! Yes Here Active
August Yes Active
Weak RSA Yes Retired
Sick Teacher Yes Retired
Classic, yet complicated Yes Retired
Deceitful Batman Yes Here Retired
Brainy’s Cipher Yes Part 1 Retired


Name Completed Write-up Status
Digital Cube Yes Active
Forest Yes Active
Da Vinci Yes Active
Unified Yes Active
Pusheen Loves Graphs Yes Active
Retro Yes Active
Senseless Behaviour Yes Active
Not Art No Active
Massacre No Active
TheFutureBender No Active
Raining Blood Yes Retired
BitsNBytes Yes Retired
Widescreen Yes Retired
Hackerman Yes Retired
Hidden in Colors Yes Retired
Milkshake Yes Retired
Beatles Yes Retired


Name Completed Write-up Status
Ropme No Active
Little Tommy No Active
Dream Diary: Chapter 1 No Active
Dream Diary: Chapter 2 No Active
Old Bridge No Active
ropmev2 No Active


Name Completed Write-up Status
I know Mag1k Yes Active
Grammar Yes Active
Lernaean Yes Active
Cartographer Yes Active
Emdee five for life Yes Here Active
Fuzzy Yes Active
FreeLancer Yes Here Active
HDC Yes Retired


Name Completed Write-up Status
ExploitedStream Yes Here Active
Fs0ciety Yes Retired
0ld is g0ld Yes Active
Art Yes Active
Inferno Yes Active
misDIRection Yes Active
Eternal Loop Yes Active
Longbottom’s Locker Yes Active
Blackhole Yes Active
Matrioshka Yes Here Active
Crooked Crockford Yes Here Active


Name Completed Write-up Status
Illumination Yes Here Active
Obscure Yes Here Active
Marshal in the Middle Yes Active
Deadly Arthropod Yes Here Active
Reminiscent Yes Here Active
Keep Tryin’ Yes Active
Blue Shadow Yes Here Active
MarketDump Yes Here Active
Took the Byte Yes Here Active
USB Ripper Yes Here Active


Name Completed Write-up Status
CryptoHorrific Yes Here Active


Name Completed Write-up Status
Easy Phish Yes Here Active
Infiltration Yes Active
We have a Leak Yes Active
Breach Yes Here Active