About Me

Hi there,

my name is Anko van der Ziel. I am a 37 year old guy from The Netherlands.

Currently I live together with my wife and two cats in Amersfoort. We’ve lived here since 2010 in the nice and quiet neighborhood of Kattenbroek. Just like many people, I have too many hobbies for the little time that I have. Most of my time is spent on weightlifting, some running, watching movies and tv-series, gaming on a Playstation, reading and working with computers as an open-source enthusiast.

Why this blog?

As I noticed more and more people have their own blogs, pages or random websites on the Internet, I decided I want to get some presence on the Internet as well. This allows me to present myself, show who I am and what I am about, want to get a place to put some thoughts on-line. Furthermore I want to use it as a storage for Linux and security related stuff such solutions to CTF Challenges, notes and stuff on programming related topics, configuration guides and other random stuff I find interesting. .

More about me:

After being on-line for quite some years now, there’s quite a bit of web-presence and history available. Although I have removed some profiles, details and other stuff over the past years, this is at least some stuff where you can contact me: Linkedin Twitter or at website[at]vanderziel[dot]org