Challenges and CTFs

Recently I have become more active again in the technical fields by becoming a coordinating team member of a red team. One of the things that was on my long wish/todolist was to create a small space on my own website where I can show all the stuff I am doing and have done so far. With the category of Challenges and CTFs a first start has been made and this section will be filled with more short write-ups, notes, wishes and trial stuff regarding red teaming and penetration testing. Write-ups can vary from being very brief, only showing commands and their results, to hopefully more elaborate write-ups of all the stuff done.

One key thing I learned while doing lots of security work in the past 10+ years already, is that spoilers are the worst thing to encounter when you want to figure stuff out yourself. The other thing that I learned about spoilers is, in some cases they can increase your learning speed by an incredible amount because learning by repeating what others have done before you helps too! Therefore, all and any posts in the Challenges and CTFs part will be password protected. Some challenge/CTF sites actually require that you do not spoil towards users who have not solved their challenge yet. So in those cases it will be a password directly related to the solution such as the flag that you require to obtain. In other cases, no password/secrecy requirements are made. In the latter cases, the password will simply be ‘spoilme’

Passwords for limited/secret CTF/Challenges: {The flag as supposed to be obtained}

Passwords for all other CTF/Challenge write-ups: spoilme

I sincerely hope that by providing these write-ups, someone will actually benefit from my knowledge and grow in their capacity as a penetration tester/ethical hacker. Of course, all and any material provided is with the best intention and not to be used for malicious activities.