Home automation – first steps

I’ve been thinking about home-automation for a long time, maybe some 5 to 10 years already. Not having to get up to turn on lights. Being able to close curtains while not at home. Reading the backyard weather status while not at home. Adjusting the home settings from a remote location. All desires I’ve had for a while but never done anything with it. Until last week.

Acquiring the right hardware

After reading up on a lot of websites such as the Dutch tweakers.net, tweakblogs.net and other sites such as homautomation.org I finally decided to purchase some hardware for home-automation purposes.

Getting the foundation right

The Raspberry Pi

Since I already have several Raspberry Pi’s at home, some of which currently not being used at all, it was an easy decision to use one of them as a foundation for home automation. Overall Raspberries are renowned for their versatility and usability when it comes to home-automation and sensor-based tooling. Having a Raspberry Pi Model B ready to be used, having Raspbian already installed on it provided a good basis.

Acquiring additional electronics

Since it was mentioned on homautomation.org that a 433Mhz transmitter and receiver would be required. I found these on the website iPrototype.nl and ordered them. A few days later they were delivered together with a breadboard and some jumpercables. At the local hardware store I purchased a RF-Controllable power socket.

433Mhz Transmitter
433Mhz Receiver
RF-Controllable powersocket







Next step, putting it all together to work!

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